It was him–number 17–QB for the San Diego Chargers Philip Rivers walking through the glass-door entrance of our hotel. He was accompanied by a family member as they waited for a car to arrive. 

He was less than 20 feet from us before he walked through the doors. I was in awe of how extremely tall he was. You see them on TV, unaware of their size in the flesh. He’s huge.

We continued talking to Bill for a bit longer before his next meeting.

Thanking Bill again for the passes, we headed up to our rooms to take in all of what just happened. It was a lot to process. I was so relieved to finally have this huge secret off my chest. I immediately called Mom to tell her everything.

When football comes around, I swear Klay gets a tingle in his underpants. He’s that excited about it. 

My husband is the biggest San Diego Chargers fan out there. He’s been this way before I met him at 16.

You can read about how amazing this man is here, but if you know our story, and you know Klay, he really deserves the best and most amazing things in this world.

And, the past two years, he’s had to manage the shitty hand of cards life dealt us. 

I may like to read and watch scary movies, but I don’t dig trying to contact the dead. It’s not my thing.

I’ve had a few things happen in my life where I feel like people are watching me or I’ve seen things and experienced unexplained things before, so you could say I’m a believer of the paranormal. (Cue creepy sci-fi music).

Now that July 4th weekend has come and gone, I guess it’s time for reality to hit again. Back to the grind with the daily momming while Klay is at work all day. It was really nice having him around this weekend for the entire day. The kids loved having “da-deeeee” around (as Bex would say) and I enjoyed watching him play and love on them. 

I was totally all for this weekend and normally I’m not a July 4th holiday fan. Not that I’m not all about celebrating #merica and all that. I am, it just always seems to be a holiday that stresses me out. I know, every holiday stresses me out. You’re right. But I’d say July 4th ranks up there. 

All of the fireworks tend to scare me a bit. I love watching them, but I don’t want to light one, be near them when they go off, or have my family near them. There are too many things that can happen around FIREworks. They are really dangerous and they scare the shit out of my dogs, so I have to deal with that too. 

And like most holidays, the 5-0 is always prevalent on/around the 4th. There are so many people drinking and driving, it just gets a bit scary getting out with the kids. But this year, we actually got out and did some stuff with the kids since I’m healthier than I have been in two years.