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When life gives you nothing but raunchy, moldy, old lemons, (sorry, Bey), there is no making lemonade out of that.

This week has seriously been the most difficult thing I’ve been through in a while–emotionally.

I have no patience. 

I can barely move because my body is so sore from doing just everyday things (my hands and wrists are swollen and hurt) maybe from typing or doing normal household chores.

I’m not sick or anything. It’s nothing like that.

My life is just wanting to suck, like really suck, right now. 

You ever feel like the world is working against you? That no matter how hard you work, everything and everyone wants you to fail? 

Well that’s where I am… right now. 

Ok, guys. I’ve not posted lately because I’ve been trying to decide whether or not I wanted to blog about my most recent major incident with Brody.I struggled…