2016 was a pretty rough year for me. I was in the hospital a lot, I battled pneumonia more than once, and I’ve had enough panic attacks to last…

I may like to read and watch scary movies, but I don’t dig trying to contact the dead. It’s not my thing.

I’ve had a few things happen in my life where I feel like people are watching me or I’ve seen things and experienced unexplained things before, so you could say I’m a believer of the paranormal. (Cue creepy sci-fi music).

For the record, everyone is in public needs to freakin’ chill.

I’m so sick of the stares l get when I’m out in public…

Not because of me and my awesome good looks–ha (that was a joke).

But the glares I get with my kids.

Yes, my kids. Why?

My kids—or Bex—tend to cause a lot of attention.

I haven’t written this month, like I promised I would–and I’m sorry about that.

Honestly this month, it’s been one thing after another.

Remember how I told you that I would have these days where I’d stand or walk and then I’d see all black?

Well that’s what started happening again Halloween weekend. I honestly wore myself out from Halloween–and the stress of getting the kids’ costumes ready–so much so, that the next day I was too sore and weak to get out of bed.

All of these fatigue and vision problems fell right before this random Monday where I had to watch the kids alone. Perfect timing, right?

 I was really scared to keep the boys all alone all day with how I felt.

That day, I’d stand up to get something for the kids and I would black out and desperately reach out for the nearest sturdy object so I wouldn’t pass out or fall.

Besides the vision issues, I couldn’t walk a straight line to save my life. My balance was completely off that when I would try to walk one direction, my body would go in another.