Today is like the Destiny’s Child song “No, No, No.” Except they aren’t singing to a guy, it’s me telling my child–that child being Beckham–those three words. Or maybe it’s me saying that to this day. It seriously started off rough.

I’m in need of some anxiety medicine and pronto. I should just get in to my box o’ pills I have here at the house, but I’m honestly not even wanting to move. 

There are about 4384839 things that all happen to me at one time this morning. I’m not sure why, but my patience has been nonexistent lately and everything is driving me nuts. 

***Please note this post was written two weeks ago, and I was just having a bad day. This was pre-wreck and pre-lumbar puncture.*** My chest is tight, almost…

premature birth pregnant with cancer

And my heart sank… “Your chemotherapy and your stem cell transplant will most likely only give you less than a 25% chance to have another baby,” my oncologist…