One year ago today, I let it all hang out. 

I finally had my first “real” outing post-stem cell transplant and went with some gal pals to shop for my first (ever!) wig

I had already revealed my smooth as a baby’s bottom, bald head to the world, through my post “Taking Off The Hat.”

And that was a big deal for me—in fact, it was huge. I was finally taking off my security “blanket,” ready to feel free again.

Being bald for a woman is a very difficult thing. Majority of us don’t follow the hip trends of shaving their heads to look like Amber Rose, GI Jane, Miley Cyrus, Gwen Stefani, etc. Read “Rockin’ Out With My Scalp Out” about life walking around with my bald head out and exposed to everyone.


About two weeks ago, my longtime BFF Stephanie–and now fellow blogger–invited me to an event hosted by ELLE + 3D Crest for fashion bloggers and fashionistas. Steph and I have been friends…

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Although I was extremely excited about my first Mother’s Day, it wasn’t an amazing, relaxing day like I’d thought it would be. Saturday night, I, along with a…