About The Blog


Pre-cancer Cass, I started a blog called “On The Road” about mine and Klay’s 17-day road trip from Alaska through Yukon and British Columbia in Canada, down the Washington coastline through Oregon, Cali, and even over to Vegas and the Grand Canyon. 

Eventually the trip ended and so did the blog. Then I started an awfully-named “Life As A New Mommy” blog about being a first-time mom–including, my epic parenting fails–that you should definitely read. 

That blog evolved into “Life On Cass Lane” , where I share stories of parenting fails, wife tales, travel experiences and now cancer-related posts. It’s the blog that’s about a little bit of everything–cause I’m not a “niche-girl”– and I’m always all over the place.

I put my crazy, drama-filled life at your disposal. Laugh, cry, enjoy, read, and join the journey that is my life. I try to remind everyone that life isn’t always easy, but I’ve learned (though I don’t always take my own advice) to not sweat the small stuff; things could be a lot worse. 

So sit back, relax, read and enjoy this sweet blog. Check out some of the oldies by taking a look at the “Archives” below.