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WATCHING: 13 Reasons Why

I watched this right when it came out. My friend read it and said it was pretty good, but it was more for teenagers and what not. She even said some of the stuff I went through in high school was as bad or worse than what the girl in the show goes through. I thought it was a pretty good show, but I thought some of her “reasons” to kill herself were kind of dumb. But at the same time, when you’re in high school day-to-day, it never seems like the pain will go away from being bullied or gossiped about. It’s an interesting show.

EATING: Outshine Raspberry Popsicles

This shit is the ya’ll! I love them. They are so fruity and have so much flavor, they are addicting.

DRINKING: More Water (or trying to)

I think it’s safe to say I’m an addict; a caffeine addict that is. And well, that means most of the time I’d rather pop open a coke than having a glass of water. But I’m really trying to drink more H2O and hoping it will make me feel better.


I don’t get it. Time and time again I see myself overcoming a rough month due to health complications, and thinking I’m on the up and up, and then I see myself tumbling down passing all of my progress because my body can’t get its shit together. The everyday pain I’m experiencing is excruciating and it’s constant. When I’m in bed, opening the car door, getting out of the car, sitting down on a chair, sitting down to fast, and putting on clothes, it hurts. My body has made me disabled. I’m not able to do ordinary, everyday tasks anymore. I just want my body to get better. I need some relief.
confetti eggs kids

APPRECIATING: Spending time with my kids & family on Easter

You all pretty much know that the past 6 weeks or so have really kicked my ass. Unexpected medical issues and two hospital stays in a matter of weeks has caused me to be a bit off-balance.
So being home on Easter and watching my family throw confetti eggs at each other was pretty awesome.
Hopefully next year, I’ll be able to be up, chasing the kids around and throwing confetti eggs at the people I love.confetti eggs easter


I pretty much love about 90% of Sia’s music. She has such a unique and amazing voice—plus incredible songwriting skills. I apply a lot of her music to what is going on in my life. One of my faves is “Bird Set Free.” Go and give it a listen. 

READING: About podcasting

I’m trying to start a podcast as some of you know. So, I’m gearing up by reading and learning more about podcasting, the equipment needed, and programs to use, etc. Hoping something will be live soon!

WONDERING: Where the time went

Brody had his Kindergarten Roundup this month, and I’m blown away that his first day of school is only a few months away. It’s crazy to think it’s been five years since he was born, six since we left Alaska, and nearly 10 years since we got married. Life moves so fast, yet so slow at the same time.
I know that when Bro’s first day of school comes around, I’m going to be a basket case. Let’s just hope I’m not in the hospital and I’m feeling much better than I do right now.

READY: To feel inspired and excited about life again

It’s disheartening going through so much at once. I mean the past two years have been a whirlwind of ups and downs, but now I’m supposed to be getting better, and I feel like I’m way worse than I was before. This obviously has an impact on me emotionally. I’m sad and I feel guilty for everything. It sucks feeling like crap and needing Klay to come help me up off the toilet because my muscles in my legs are being assholes.

So, I’ve been down, upset, and angry at life and the world. I hate feeling that way. I hate feeling like all I’m doing is dragging people down to an unfortunate and fated outcome.

I just want to know that I’m doing something to help people or make them feel better about their lives and remember to never take things for granted. If I’m going to do some good and make a difference out of this shitty situation, then I need to feel inspired and uplifted again. And then I need to someone to tell me how I can help people, and what I’m supposed to be doing because right now, I feel like a no good, useless person that is doing nothing but causing people pain and interrupting their lives. So I’m searching for inspiration…

Crossing my fingers for better days,

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