Since I’ve been down about A LOT of things lately—due to my recent turn of events health wise. Read more about that HERE.

I thought it’d be fun to talk about some things that have made me happy over the last few weeks that I haven’t had time to talk about. Technically they aren’t all from this month, but how about I throw some sunshine in the mix this week? What do you say?

  1. Livin’ On A Prayer/Bon Jovi Concert:

    My sister and I received tickets to a Bon Jovi concert for Christmas from our parents and went with our mom and her BFF Beth. Who knew Bon Jovi had so many songs that could connect to me now in life—in this post-cancer survival life—and his most famous “Livin’ on a Prayer” is just one of them. I’d say if you’re down and out about something, jam to some of his music. He has some new songs that I like, but I love the oldies like “Bad Medicine” and “You Give Love A Bad Name.” 
    Although I wasn’t feeling that great that night, I had a blast. I can’t tell you some of the things that happened but it was something that I’d never thought would happen in my life… thanks to my mama. If y’all only knew… Ahhh, it was a night to remember that’s for sure. And Britney made our shirts. How awesome are they?

  2. Brody’s 5th Birthday Party

    I can’t believe Bro turned five! He’s started to really come out of his shell this year, especially when we signed him up for Tae Kwon Do. He absolutely loves it and he’s getting more confident and comfortable in his own skin. I couldn’t be more proud of the little man he is becoming. He’s very smart, sweet, and thoughtful.

    But his birthday party was quite possibly the coolest party ever. If you didn’t get invited, I apologize. We could only have up to a certain amount of kids, and it was literally planned a week before. I didn’t put any design effort into it like I normally do (because I wasn’t feeling well and I wasn’t trying to make a big hooplah about it), but the party was amazing.

    The kids got to jump in a playhouse, do some tae kwon do, and even break their own boards. They finished it off with Brody and Master Lee cutting his cake with a real sword. Then Master Lee took all the kids over to Dippin’ Daves, which she also owns, for ice cream. Even the parents had to participate in a tae kwon do demonstration. It was awesome. Everyone rant and raved over the party, and more importantly, Brody was in heaven.

  3. Blogging

    My health took many twists and turns this month and dropped us like scattered debris from a tornado. We think we’ve landed here and found the issue, but it’s really miles away in Kansas with Dorothy. If I could snap my shiny red heels and go back to being normal, I’d like to think I would, but honestly, this is life. I can’t click my feet together and magically go back to where I was two years ago, not even if I have the Lollipop Guild by my side.

    But the inspiration and support I’ve received from so many of my readers, followers, friends and family have really made me realize that life is a journey, and though mine might suck major balls right now, I’m going to come out on the other side of it—better and because I can. So, this is my focus and goal—writing and promoting this blog and helping others. And eventually writing a book and my very own podcast.

  4. Brody Playing T-Ball

    This is one of the most exciting moments for me as a mom. I played softball growing up and Klay played baseball so when it came time for our kids to be old enough to be in sports, we were over-the-moon. This is one thing that puts a smile on my face despite every hardship I’ve experienced this month. It fills me with pure joy. This is definitely one of the greatest times being a parent. It’s incredibly entertaining, but it fills me with so much pride watching my son learn, play, and grow in these activities. I’m so team-momming the shit out of his first season of ball!missing out on special moments because of cancer

  5. Having Such Amazing Friends and Family

    Y’all this month people have really shown how much they care about me and really want to help. My friend Kristi came over and took the boys out to play at the park, brought me groceries and picked up the house for me (Thanks, Kristi!). It was so much fun watching you have fun with the kids, chatting with you, and you always brighten the room with your heartfelt, sincere, and loving soul.

    I’ve had the moms on Brody’s t-ball team come up with a meal planner with them bringing us dinner every night this week (Thanks, Tori, Ashley, Kristal, Tiffany, Nicole, and Britney). This helped us out so much! I cannot even tell y’all how nice it was to not have to worry about dinner and take some stress off Klay. Y’all are amazing!

    My sister spent the day with me this week, cleaned my house, took care of the kids for me, brought us donuts, and she’s just been there for me. Thank you, Britney, I love you so much. I hope you know that, and spending time with you was even better than all of the physical stuff you did for us.

    My mom, who has helped care for the kids every day, helped do massive amounts of laundry, picked up around the house, and many more things I know I’m missing. My mom does so much for us, I don’t know where I’d be without her. Thank you, Mom I love you.

    My BFF Dani came up to the hospital just about every day to see me. She stayed the night with me, so my family and Klay could get a break from the hospital and spend time with the boys. She made me laugh and brought joy into those days at the hospital that sucked. She made it enjoyable and fun. I adore you, Dani! I love you and PJ so much.

    Darita, thank you for watching the boys so mom could come to the hospital and be with Klay when I had my surgery. That alone was really sweet and just shows how much you care about us and our family. We love you DD!

    Chel, your sweet spirit, and outlook on life are a breath of fresh air. I’m so glad we’ve been texting and staying in contact because there are people right now that I feel I need to surround myself with that could really help me through such difficult times. You, my girl, are one of them.

    I’m sure I’m forgetting someone… and if I did I apologize. But really this month people have reached out and really been amazing. I hope I can repay you guys back one day with the kindness you’ve shown me.

  6. Joining a Facebook Group for People Struggling with GVHD

    In two days of being in this group, I already felt a weight lifted off my shoulders knowing that people are out there dealing with the same things I’m going through. I’ve made friends with a few people, and I’m trying to stay connected to those who have experienced some of the things I went through. This is helping me out emotionally on so many levels. And it’s really informative. I can ask questions and get replies about their story or my situation. It’s beyond words how much this has helped me this month!

  7. Discovering Society Bakery

    Angela, you made my week by sending me cupcakes from Society Bakery, I spent more money there the week I was in the hospital. Your gift was a great surprise and so thoughtful. And, I discovered a new love and yummy treats! Thank you!

  8. Feeling All the Love and Support On My FB Live Videos

    You guys have been truly amazing watching my videos and encouraging me to stay strong. This was so great to share with you what I’m really going through without having to write it. It made me feel more connected to so many of you who watched, tuned in, commented and shared.

  9. My Dogs–Billie & Stretch

    lifeoncasslaneWhen it comes to showing me some love, my dogs are at the top of the list, especially Stretchy Man Jones. He’s always by my side, lays on me when I’m on the couch, stays with me when I’m in bed; he’s the sweetest. The other day I was on the toilet, yeah TMI—whatevs ya’ll, just keeping it real—and I looked down and Stretch was under my legs laying there making sure I was OK. I didn’t even see him there… dogs can really heal the soul.

  10. Thankful We Found the Blockage Before It Was Too Late

    Honestly y’all, where old scar tissue and leftover stuff from the blood clot I had a year ago was so very close to blocking off one of the major arteries that pump into the heart. It’s very scary thinking how things could have gone if I wouldn’t have agreed to photopheresis or pushed it back even a week or so.

    That was some seriously scary stuff. Especially when the doctors are like “we don’t want to do surgery because it’s so close to the heart making it very risky.” That gives me anxiety even thinking about it…

Anything you particularly loved about this month? I hope if you had a kind of shitty month like me, you can find a few things you’re thankful for despite the obstacles that you were forced to face!

Trying to keep things positive,

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Bonus! I took a bath tonight and was able to get myself up out of the tub with no help! Granted it took some “Ow’s” and huffing and puffing, maneuvering certain ways to get up, but I did do it. Little signs of progress go a long way… virtual high-five!