I’m not much of a Valentine’s-holiday-celebrating type of gal. Klay and I don’t really go all out anymore for Valentine’s like we used to.

But I’d really like to find something great for him this year. Or just somethings sweet and meaningful.

[ Buy Weekend Bag with Toiletries Bag Here ]

I don’t know about your man, but mine could use a small travel bag for his weekends away.

This bag rocks ’cause it’s got a place for shoes and comes with a small bag to hold his toothbrush, shaving gear, etc.

[ Gift Him The Dollar Shave Monthly Box ]

This monthly gift box sends your man some awesome shaving gear to give him that clean look he’s been wanting!

The first month is only $1 and from then on you can pay $3, $6, or $9 dollars and you can cancel anytime!


[ Beer MUG That Makes Him Look Smart While Drinking ]

They need all the help they can get yall.

This mug will make him look smarter while he’s getting a little dumber.

It’s a win, win!


[ Man Crates ]

These are pretty freaking awesome and rugged and manly. You can choose boxes specific to your man’s hobbies and interest.

From drinking, eating, grilling, outdoors and sports, you can’t go wrong!

You can even choose if you what you want your gift to come in (wooden crates, ammo cans) or send him a jerkygram or project kit.


[ Amazon Echo ]

For your techy fella, Amazon’s Echo Dot is a great gift! Let your man go hands-free and start trying to boss around another woman–Alexa.

She’ll read him the news, turn on music, provide information, recipes, weather and so much more! Relax a little and let Alexa do the work.


Make him laugh when you give him this adorable and clever mug!

Cheap, easy and it will make his wiener happy.

[ Pink Sneakers From Target ]

Win her over with these adorable flats she can wear anywhere! They are comfy, casual, and gorgeous pink. She will love them!

Make her walk your way for only $24.99!


[ Pretty Pink Mac from Apple ]

If your girl is always on the computer (like me), surprise her with an expensive gift you know she will use.

It’s cute, awesome, and lightweight. She can tote around and she will just dig the color.

[ Middle Finger Mug ]

Make her laugh with this hilarious mug! She will absolutely adore this mug, especially if she’s not a morning person.

And the painted nails are just a bonus!


[ Head Over Heels Sleep Shirt ]

This comfy, oversized night shirt will make her day, especially because it’s from Victoria’s Secret.

You can buy one for $24 or 2 for $40. They have another cute option that says “I’m with Cupid.”


[ Rose Gold External Charger ]

If your girl is always on the go, then this little gift she will LOVE.

It’s pink, it’s pretty, and it serves a purpose.


[ The Tease Perfume by Victoria’s Secret ]

Make your woman feel sexy with this gorgeous bottle of perfume.

She’ll dig the smell and then she’ll dig you!

They also have body mist, lotion and so much more!


[ I Heart Caffeine Sweat Shirt ]

She can cozy up with this sweet sweatshirt. Girls love sweats!

And they love caffeine! She’ll love this funny sweatshirt so much she won’t want to take it off.

Well, for your she just might. πŸ˜‰


Klay, here are ideas for me!

What are you thinking about getting your guy or gal this Valentine’s Day?

Feeling the love,