It’s hard to get your kids into the spirit of the holidays, like Valentine’s Day, when they aren’t in school. They don’t have any friends to give Valentine’s too and they don’t receive any.

A friend—and fellow blogger—from Alaska, Jennifer, wanted to do a SNAIL MAIL penpal v-day swap for kids.

She has the cutest son, Evan, and she thought it would be a fun activity for kids his age to make their own Valentine’s to send off to kids.

She gathered a list of friends, myself and my friend, Dani, included, and we were to make cards with the kids and mail them off.

Some of the kids are in Alaska and some in Washington, but it was such a great idea I had to hop on board.

I decided to take Brody to Hobby Lobby to let him pick out the stuff he wanted to use (paper themes, stickers, etc.) and then we got to making them.

Dani, my BFF, and neighbor, and her son PJ came over and we started making the cards. PJ even made one where you could slide hearts back and forth on the paper! It was pretty cool.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t been feeling well enough during the day to be up for the task, so we were making them the night before we were to mail them off.

It was late and the kids passed out, and Dani and I finished the last few we had to complete the list.

Overall, Brody really enjoyed making the cards for other kids. We used a heart cutter so he could easily make hearts, and I showed him how to use other scrapbooking tools to cut, tape, glue things.

Because of my health, I get worn out really easy still, so this was an activity I could actually do with him. Of course, we waited for Bex to go to sleep to keep the mess somewhat contained (though the next day he found a marker and marked all over the couch; see that post here).

I couldn’t wait for him to get his in the mail for him to open!

Here are the cards we sent:

Here’s Brody at the mailbox collecting his Valentines!

I thought this was just a creative idea to get kids involved and a fun project for parents to do with their kids.

Would you do this for your kids? I think this would be a cool thing to do even year-round. What do you guys think?

Feeling festive,