2016 started pretty rough for me. I was in the hospital a lot, I battled pneumonia more than once, and I’ve had enough panic attacks to last a lifetime.

I was doing a lot better in the fall, but of course, 2016 decided it would be end this year with an ER trip on Christmas.

I thought I’d share some of the better/my favorite moments of 2016 with you!

My Favorite Posts of 2016:

San Diego VS Houston Game/Houston Trip Parts 1, 2, 3

This was by far the most exciting thing to happen to me and Klay. I was so nervous and ready to surprise Klay with sideline passes at the SD game!

Thankful For You

This post is dedicated to my rock, my world–my incredible husband Klay. Get out the tissues, you may cry a bit!

Listen To Me On the Stupid Cancer Show Podcast

When I was asked to be on StupidCancer.org’s–a nonprofit for young adults with cancer–Stupid Cancer Show podcast, I was so stoked and nervous. Listen to the podcast and read about my experience getting interviewed.

My Favorite VLOGs

This VLOG Is Ridiculous

If you didn’t watch this VLOG you should. The title says it all, but I get countless interruptions that make for a very hilarious VLOG.

Haunted Hotel Trip

One of the funnest moments of the year for me! And it made for one hilarious VLOG. I think people enjoyed watching my mom on the VLOG more than me! LOL.

My Most Popular Posts of 2016:

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

All about life as a blogger, the struggles and pressures we put on ourselves, and if I should continue writing or give it up. I received the most comments I’ve ever had on this post!

Leukemia In The Brain

The time I was told my migraines could be a sign of leukemia in my brain. Scary shit.

The Truth About Hair After Chemo

Revealing what it’s really like to grow your hair back after balding out post-chemo. I also have some awesome, hilarious photos in it that will make you literally roll on the floor laughing.

Christmas in the ER

Ending the year on a high-note as always with a trip to the ER on Christmas. 2016 had it’s better moments…

My Favorite Blogs To Follow of 2016:

The Daily Tay

I’ve always followed this hilarious gal, but I really started reading more and watching her Instagram Stories’ vids. She can always make me laugh and smile no matter how crappy my day is. She is the BEST! You’re missing out if you’re not following her. Follow her on IG @thedailytay

Signing Steph

I’ve known this gal since we were kids (we were childhood besties), and even though I’ve followed her before 2016 on her blog, I’d say the way she’s changed her content this past year has made a new and refreshing read for everyone. She’s gotten more personal–sharing about her struggles with infertility and her fashion tips are always on point. Follow her @signingsteph on Insta.

Venus Trapped in Mars

I follow Sarah–who happens to live in Dallas–and she’s freaking awesome. I loved this post she wrote about the struggle of blogging. It really hit home for me. Plus she gave me some tips for fantasy football–because her blog is mostly sport-related posts, but she has tips for bloggers, social media tips, shares about her life and blogs a little about beauty and style. I love her! Follow her @IAMSARAHWEBB and follow her new blog Dallas Love List where she shares the coolest places to eat, drink and hang in Dallas.

Most Moving Story of 2016

I discovered this story online, clicking the hashtag “#round3” and found this family with three kids, and they just had triplets, and one of the triplets–Hayes–was diagnosed with brain cancer. I followed their story on Instagram and checked for updates. He beat it, and all of the cancer had been successfully removed. He seemed to be doing well, but he starting throwing up uncontrollably after a trip to Disneyland, and found out that the cancer had come back and taken over vital parts of his brain that he’d need to survive. Hayes died early December, but his impact surely lives on. There is so much more to this story that I want to share. Learn more here.

My Favorite Moments From 2016

1. The redesign/relaunch of my blog

I’d worked months on the redesign of the blog and switching from Blogger to Squarespace. SPOILER ALERT: I’m working on a new design layout that is easier to read my posts.

2. Survivor Spotlight Interview with Stupid Cancer Show

It was such an honor to be interviewed on this show. I’ve even made friends with Amanda, who was also diagnosed with cancer while pregnant, and it just so happens she lives in Dallas. Meeting up with her soon!

3 Halloween

This Halloween I finally got to really experience the fun. I got the boys costumes and loved watching them have a blast. Plus I got some epic photos of them. So thankful to watch the boys have a blast. I even did a VLOG about it.

4 Stephanie’s 30th Masquerade Birthday Party

I didn’t blog about this, but this was a night for the books! My friend–Signing Steph–had a 30th birthday party. I went to help her mom and sister decorate for the party and then went back home to get ready for this masquerade bash. I had so much fun visiting with my friends from my childhood and danced the night away. It will be a night I will always remember.

5 Beckham Turning 2

This moment signified so many things for me. I was diagnosed with AML a week before he was born (read his birth story here). There are no words to express the joy I had for celebrating this little guy’s 2nd birthday. Two years of the craziest, hardest times of our lives, but he makes it all worth it.

6 Christmas Morning

This was the first year I was able to shop and do the whole Christmas-thing since my diagnosis. The excitement I had to see the boys open there presents made me feel like a kid trying to sleep the night before going to Disney World. Precious moments for me.

7 Reconnecting With My Besties

My relationships with my friends have strengthened so much this year.

My high school bestie Leann: She moved closer to me and now we get to see each other more. She’s my ride or die. She can always make me laugh, she tells me when I’m being ridiculous–and looking ridiculous–but she’s always there for me.

My girl, Lauren: She’s been there for me so much over the past two years, but we’ve really grown closer this past year. I simply adore her. She’s the sweetest person, thoughtful and is always there when I need her.

Dani, my neighbor, but new BFF: This girl right here is like Superwoman. She’s the best mom ever, she helps Klay and I out with the kids, and she’s been there to calm me down in some major meltdowns. She’s become part of our family. And we’re practically the same person, except she’s a brunette and I’m a blonde.

8 Haunted Hotel Stay in Jefferson with Mom

This was one of the most fun events of the year for me. I got some special, quality bonding time with my mom. We stopped and drank some wine in Lindale at Miranda Lambert’s winery, and slept in a haunted hotel like looked like the set of The Shining. It was so much fun and made the best VLOG ever.

9 San Diego Game/Weekend in Houston

This was a huge moment for me and Klay. I made his ultimate dream come true by scoring sideline passes for the San Diego Charger game and by meeting some of the players as we stayed in the same hotel as the team. It was a huge surprise for Klay. He was clueless. Quite possibly the coolest experience EVER.

10 The 2 Year Mark Since My Diagnosis

It’s been two years since that awful day where I found out I had leukemia while 29 preggers with Bex. I can’t believe it’s been two years. It’s definitely been the hardest time in my life. It just signifies how far I’ve come and no matter the obstacles that come my way, I will keep moving forward.

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