It’s a new year, a clean slate, and a new beginning–which means it’s time to really set some new life, health, and blogging goals. I’m ready to make some changes and really go hard or go home when it comes to life and this blog. Who is with me?

Blogging can be discouraging at times. I know a lot of awesome content sometimes gets overlooked and that is frustrating. But I’m dedicated this year and ready to dive in and take this blog to a whole new level (hint: this is one of my goals).

But beyond that, I have some personal goals I’m aiming for this year. I’m really pushing to make 2017 a great year. And, I want to do that with lots of positivity, initiative, and work.

Here are some of the goals I’m setting for myself this year.


  • Spend more time with family—Last year, there wasn’t much family time. Hardly any family gatherings and no time for visiting family for the day or even a few hours. I’d like to change that.
  • Play more with the boys—I always feel like a shitty mother because I feel like I don’t get to play with my kids enough. But I want to plan to do things with them, go places, let them see new things and get out of this house.
  • Take the dogs on walks—These dogs are cooped up in this house way too much. I could use the fresh air and so could they!
  • More family vacays—Since I was sick the past two years family trips or vacations came to a halt. We need to plan even weekend getaways for us and the kids and the rest of our family. It’s time to spend time enjoying life and those around you!
  • Give myself at least two days per week away from the kids during the day (use daycare/mothers’ day out programs)—I literally need to get on this ASAP. I really do need time for me to do things for me—blog, clean, grocery shop, write, eat lunch with a friend—just stuff to get me moving around. I need to get up and start the day and take advantage of that with no kids around.
  • Read more—I got obsessed with reading in 2016 and I only want to continue this. And, this means more trips to Barnes & Noble! Eeeek!
  • Write a book—People have been telling me to do this for a while now, and I’m happy to announce that I have started. But it does take a lot of time backtracking into my mind then. Things are hazy and I need to talk to others who were with me at certain moments and certain times, but it’s coming.
  • Take more photos—I take a lot of photos, but I want to make sure I take more. More of me with the kids and more of Klay with the kids and more of everything and everyone. I’d like to make a book of photos for that year. That would be awesome and expensive. But it’d be ultimately for everyone.
  • Plan ahead more—I’ve always been a planner—always. The past two years put me way off track when it came to planning things. I would never know how I was going to feel until that day; so making plans was hard. It still kind of is. But I want to get life back on track again.
  • Be more responsive to friends and loved ones via text/calls—I became that person who doesn’t respond to texts for days, and I don’t want to be that person. Sometimes I just feel overwhelmed by the day and texting someone about something else stresses me out. I want to be more responsive this year.
  • Volunteer/become more philanthropic/help others in need—This goal: I’m most excited about. I’ve never truly dedicated time, energy, and myself to really finding ways to help people. I’ve already teamed up with and I’m raising funds for CancerCon—an annual event that unites caregivers, survivors, patients, medical staff & many others for one epic learning event. If I reach my $2000 goal, I will be able to attend CancerCon—in Denver, CO–with my travel expenses paid. It would be a burden lifted off our shoulders so we could be able to attend this life-changing event. Hopefully I’ll surpass this goal, but either way, I’m happy to be doing something great for an amazing organization. DONATE HERE!


  • Focus more on mental health—As many of you know, I’ve been battling depression for a long time now. And I’m going to focus more on my mental health through a myriad of ways. I’m talking to a counselor, eating better, and wanting to learn more ways to help me heal the worries of this brain of mine.
  • Start meditating—Yep, I need this in my life. Enough said.
  • Eat healthier—Well, don’t we all?
  • Drink more water—As an admitted caffeine addict, water comes second to my addiction. But I am going to drink more this year. I already have my YETI cups ready to go!
  • Start practicing yoga again—This was something I loved doing. It brings so much peace to the mind, body, and spirit and I NEED that again.
  • Do at least 45 minutes of exercise a day—Hopefully, the yoga and walking the dogs will cover this.
  • Stop drinking so many sodas—Noted in the above, this caffeine-addiction of mine needs to slow down a lot.


  • Grow my readership and engagement (via shares, comments, recommendations, likes, etc).
  • Grow my social media accounts
  • Be more consistent with posting
  • Start a podcast
  • Collaborate with other bloggers
  • Have webinars for cancer survivors, caregivers etc.
  • Create an online community for people affected by cancer

Of course, these are just a few goals. I’m wanting to do so much better in so many ways. What are your goals for 2017? Are you writing them down like me? I want to hear from you!

Positively pumped for 2017,


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  1. Trudy Deen Davis Reply

    Amazing goals! Love it! Don’t get down on yourself if you some are harder to accomplish. I don’t know what you like to read, but I’ve been reading like crazy lately. Found some good Diane Chamberlain books and Grisham is always good. If I don’t have a book, I get the shakes! Love ya Cuz!

    • Yes! I’m all about finding new books. I’ll check those out for sure. I’m going to try not to get down if some are more difficult, but I’m just glad I have them in front of me! Love you!

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