I do believe in psychics, though, I’ve never met one or spoken to one. I think there are people out there with special gifts. I mean I don’t think they could pick winning lottery numbers or know how many fingers I’m hiding behind my back, but I think there are people out there more intuitive than others.

I’ve never sought out Miss Cleo or read any Sylvia Brown books. So no palm reads, no tarot cards and no crystal balls for me. Balls, yes, but they damn sure weren’t crystal.

This whole thing started when I read one of my favorite bloggers—The Daily Tay’s—blog about her psychic reading for 2017. I read the post and saw that she found a psychic through Keen—a psychic database where you can pick the person you want to talk to and pay money to talk to one.

I know what you’re thinking. You paid to talk to someone? Well, yes. But only $1 for 10 minutes.

Keen was hosting a holiday special—as noted in Taylor’s post—and I clicked on it to see if it still worked, and it did.

I figured since I’d just shared a post that talked about some of my darkest secrets and struggles with depression and suicide, I thought what better way to look for some inspiration for 2017?

So I clicked the link from Taylor’s blog which took me to Keen and off I went searching for the right person. When I found her, I clicked her, they called me, and boom I’m on the phone with Sharon—a psychic or medium.

I really didn’t know what to do. I had 10 minutes to ask her what I wanted to know before my time was up. She asked me what I wanted to talk about and I answered with my career. I told her I hadn’t had a job in a long time and I wanted to know how my career was looking for 2017.

She told me she continued to see me at home, but she saw a book—me writing a book.

So weird, right? I’ve had so many people tell me I need to write a book and I’d honestly just started a few days before.

I told her a little about my story and what I’ve been through, and that I was writing a blog. She told me that it wouldn’t pick up right away, but around March or so, things would start to look up.

She also told me I was going to meet some people who would help propel me in the right and maybe even a new direction. Meeting these people, she said, was going to open doors for me.

She also said that meditation was important for me to begin this year. She recommended a few books before saying “You have two children, yes?”

Say, whaaaaaat? She couldn’t hear the kids in the background (they were actually pretty quiet and I was in another room) and this was rather early in the conversation and I’d only mentioned being pregnant with Bex while being diagnosed with cancer. She said she actually saw another child in our family. That’s kind of impossible right now because I’m in chemo-induced menopause, so pretty sure my ovaries have kicked the bucket. #RIP

But she did tell me that I died twice.


She said this out of nowhere. I’d never brought it up, but she told me she felt like once was in my sleep and she didn’t give details about the other.

This might sound strange and stupid, but I’ve had a lot of strange hallucinations, dreams or me thinking I’m seeing things at night in bed that isn’t there (could’ve been from the narcotics I was on at the time too).

For instance, I woke up one night feeling this presence above me. I had a feeling I knew who it was—a friend of mine who lost her battle to AML Dec. 2015 and my mom’s friend Barbara who died last year. I just could sense they were above me, circling around me, and protecting me. It was also a very dark time in my life. VERY. I was contemplated suicide more than ever before and was spiraling into a deep, black hole of depression that I didn’t think I’d be able to come out of.

There was also a time I was in the hospital and my oxygen saturation levels were in the mid 60s-70s (nurses don’t like it if you’re in the low 90s y’all), and there was a man in the next room who had pneumonia just like me. He had the same symptoms as me, he was having the same issues as me, and he sadly passed away. Many of my nurses were so concerned for me, they called even when they didn’t come in to check on my status. Maybe my body gave out then?

She did say though that both times God wasn’t ready for me. She said, “when it’s your time, he will take you, and it was not your time.”

The whole thing ended on a great note, though. She said this year, I’d be influencing, helping and impacting others.

This was so unexpected and out of character for me, but it was a lot of fun. I’d recommend it to people who are open to it! For $1 and 10 minutes, it made for interesting convo. And it was nice talking to someone who didn’t know me.

What do you think about psychics? Would you call one if you could? If you’ve ever wanted to, now you have a new tool with two bloggers that think it was worth time!

Strangely not weirded out, but inspired,