Yep. I know. I look like a total dork in this photo. And you’re welcome. I just made you smile.

I was telling Klay–who was taking the photo–I was trying to get a “blogger-y photo” (meaning I laugh in the middle of the photo looking as though it wasn’t planned). I don’t know how the great bloggers do it, but they make it look effortless. Me on the other hand? Totally comical.

The photo turned out well don’t cha think?

Anyway, it’s a new year and a new me! So let’s celebrate and focus on the things in life that make us happy. I thought I’d share with you some of the little things that make me smile.

  1. My kids—Bro and Bex are the best thing that ever happened to me (and so is #2).
  2. My MAN—He’s my boo, my rock, my love. With just a look, he can make me laugh and smile no matter the mood I’m in. And I’m always in a mood.
  3. Family, obvi! My mom is the best.
  4. My dogs. They were our first children and I absolutely love than those two hairy weens! (They are weenie dogs if you’re wondering. And, yes, even Billie).
  5. Cokes (or soda, or pop, or whatever you call it up north), I’m a caffeine addict.
  6. Sleeping in clean sheets.
  7. Road Trips.
  8. All things Apple (the company, not the fruit). Once I went Mac, I never went back.
  9. My feather pillow. I love smelling it and squishing the feathers. It’s addicting and It’s a ‘Welch’ thing.
  10. Bubble baths!
  11. Random texts and snaps from my BFF Leann!
  12. Netflix!
  13. Cooler weather–whenever I can wear scarves, I’m a happy gal.
  14. All things Buffy.
  15. Massages. Speaking of I need to schedule one.
  16. The big O. Yep. Totally just said that.
  18. Reading on my Kindle. Ahh, nothing better.
  19. Nights where Klay and I talk and laugh till 3 in the morning and we have to force ourselves to go to sleep
  20. Target. Duh.
  21. Alaska—the most beautiful place ever.
  22. Being cancer-free.
  23. Meeting new people.
  24. Dancing anywhere and everywhere–even in the grocery store.
  25. Barnes and Noble. My sanctuary.
  26. Scrolling Instagram (follow me here)
  27. Wine nights with my besties.
  28. Writing.
  29. Coffee.
  30. Popping pimples—yes, I love it!
  31. Watching Klay play with the kids.
  32. Too Faced Matte Lipstick. Queen B is my fave!
  33. Surprises.
  34. The beach.
  35. Stationary, planners and office supplies.
  36. Dogs. Dogs and more Dogs.
  37. Seeing the staff at my oncology office.
  38. Phone calls with my grandma, Moo Moo.
  39. The smell of men’s cologne.
  40. Coloring (what I do to relax and get my mind off things).
  41. Snuggles with my boys.
  42. Finding a parking spot close to the store (I feel like saying “YAAAAS!” when I find one.)
  43. Traveling anywhere.
  44. Apple Cinnamon Rice Cakes—so good!
  45. A clean house.
  46. Amazon—I use it to buy everything!
  47. Seeing Klay’s truck in the driveway. I’m excited to see him when I haven’t seen him all day.
  48. Music.
  49. My readers who always support me!
  50. This BLOG.

What are some things that make you happy? Life is about enjoying the little things right?

One other thing I’m super excited about is fundraising for It’s an amazing organization that supports young adults with cancer. This April, they are having CancerCon in Denver. Help support the cause and even help me get to CancerCon by donating! Don’t wait. Start today off right–with a good deed. That will make you smile. Donate here!

Happily enjoying life,