Two years ago this past November, I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia while 29 weeks pregnant.

It’s hard to think back to those days of the unknown.

“Can I make it through this?”

“Will I make it through this?”

“Am I going to die?”

These were the questions that flooded my brain daily. The sheer fear and terror of leaving my kids before they’d be old enough to remember me was terrifying. Thoughts of leaving my husband without his best friend, his lover and his wife broke my heart.

When you’re diagnosed with cancer it forever changes you–who you are, who you want to be, the way you think about life and your loved ones. What people may not understand is that surviving cancer and living life beyond that is even more complicated.

There are many lifelong challenges survivors face. From health issues due to treatment and survivor’s guilt to relationship problems and depression, the obstacles we face seem never-ending.

I’m being interviewed by Stupid–a nonprofit organization for young adults with cancer–on its Stupid Cancer Show podcast yesterday. Purchase the shirt I’m wearing at

Yes that’s what it’s called.

I’m so honored to be asked to be on the show! I’d love for you to listen in and learn more about this wonderful, empowering organization.

Stupid is a great resource for young adults with cancer, cancer survivors and their caregivers.

You can listen to the podcast on iTunes or Sound Cloud today.

“Pregnant With Cancer” is the StupidCancer Show’s finale show, featuring yours truly and another cancer survivor, Amanda, who battled through chemotherapy while pregnant with her second child. Her story is truly compelling and I understand so much of her frustration and pain, being a parent and going through such difficult times.

If you have an iPhone you can go to the the purple ‘Podcasts’ icon/app on your phone and search Stupid Cancer Show. For Android, download Sound Cloud.

I was nervous and fumbled a bit on my words from time to time, but it’s definitely worth tuning in!

You can also click this direct link to go straight to the episode on their website.

Who’s going to listen?

Nervous & Excited,