We all have ’em. Those traditions that were passed on from generation to generation–or for me, what my mom did for us that want to do for my kids.

Every year Klay gives me shit about buying new wrapping paper. Yeah, wrapping paper. I don’t know why but when the holidays come around and I have an idea of how I want my tree to look this year, I have to have awesome wrapping paper to match or the shit just won’t look right.

So I always have tons of wrapping paper left over every year. And every year, I buy new wrapping paper. So our home becomes like Martha Stewart’s holiday crafting center during the Christmas–just endless rolls and rolls of wrapping paper, ribbon, tulle and bows sitting there waiting to get used.

When I was a kid and “Santa” would leave our presents under the tree, my sister and I would always have different wrapping paper which distinguished which gifts were for who. All of the presents were neatly stacked into our very own little gift pile.

BTW, how much do Beckham and I look alike in the pic!?

Mom would normally buy paper that reflected our personalities or what we were into at the time (i.e. Barbie, Power Rangers, etc. No, I never got Buffy wrapping paper… I don’t think. But I would have been psyched if I had.

So every year I search and search for the perfect wrapping paper for the kids. Brody is into Iron Man right now and Bex loves Captain America, so I’ve been looking online for paper and at Wal-mart, Target, and Toys’RUs and I can’t find any. There is Avengers wrapping paper, but had Avengers paper last year. I’m picky and so the Brody and Bex’s paper have to be different colors.

Photo below was last year’s gifts from Santa.

Call me crazy, but it’s a thing. It’s just something I HAVE to do. And I NEVER want to use the same paper I used the year before.


Klay complains about it all the time, but it’s tradition. Just like every Christmas morning my dad makes homemade omelettes and he’s done it since I can remember–another holiday tradition.

And it doesn’t stop there, I’m a bit ridiculous about my tree too. I go crazy on holiday decor too. Then I look on Pinterest, which makes me want to create a tree or decor that looks so beautiful on there. And I aim for it and never get close. But I continue to try, every single year. Sigh.

Here’s the picture I was going for this year:


Gorgeous right?

Technically I blame Klay for it not looking exactly like the picture ’cause he didn’t want to buy a new tree and I wanted a flocked tree like in the photo. But nooooooo, I had to use those spray cans of snow. I used six and I still think it needs more. Despite the fact I have like eight tubs of Christmas decor in the attic, I bought ornaments at Big Lots and berries at Dollar General. Why? Because I needed bright red ornaments, duh.

$300 later & here’s my result…

I didn’t even go to Hobby Lobby this year, because that would just be bad for our bank account. But maybe then my house would look like a Pinterest photo. Sigh…maybe next year…

Oh P.S. Klay, we need another tub for the new decorations I bought. And have fun taking the tree down hun, since you made me use can snow.

I make it pretty; you get to clean it all up. It’s tradition.

Merry Christmas Hun!

I’m Pwinning, ya get it?

Pintrest + Winning = ah nevermind.


What are your favorite holiday traditions?