Sleigh bells are ringing and a ding, ding, dinging which means Christmas-chaos has already begun. I can’t believe it. You can say I’ve “Fa la la la la’ed” my way into being behind Christmas shopping and decorating this year.

This year it’s so much easier to shop online. The thing is, I hate buying toys for my kids. They have too many already and they don’t need more. So I need to clean out the old ones, donate them and make room for the new. It’s exhausting just thinking about it.

So I’ve found some gifts that are more than the average Nerf Guns or Barbie dolls. My goal is to find more gifts that function as a learning or teaching toy and just some that are pretty FREAKING sweet.

Here are a few creative gifts for kids that are pretty awesome!

OSMO Starter Kit

This awesome kit makes learning fun for kids. From learning numbers and words to drawing and coding, this set makes your iPad 4-Dimensional which means its more than just purchasing an app! Using Osmo’s game pieces, kids can interact with the iPad by moving objects around to make learning more fun. Just watch the video! It’s pretty cool. And, any toy that can get my child to learn while playing on their iPad or tablet works for me!  This Start Kit is only $79.99.

Tiggly Interactive

If you don’t have an iPad or you think the Osmo kit is too high, here’s a cheaper, similar option. The individual games are around $25, while the kit is $79.99. Not too bad for a learning and interactive, tech toy!

Amazon Fire Tablets $39.99 & up

Need a tablet for your kid, but don’t feel like buying the expensive iPad? Amazon has the Amazon Fire Tablet for $39.99. They also have other tablets that are larger and have more GB for a little more money. Shop here to get a cheap tablet for that rugrat of yours!

Crayola Digital Light Designer

For $39.99 at Target, you can buy the perfect, creative gift for any kid! This digital light designer is pretty awesome and different from any other gift around. My neighbor’s son has one and he loves it. He brought it over and Brody and Bex were fascinated by it too. It’s a new, creative way to create drawings digitally!

If I’m being honest, I wouldn’t mind having one myself!

Seedling Creative Design

Seedling creates some unique gifts for kids. From designing their own superhero cape or masks to creating your own sunglasses, making your own mermaid doll or dream catcher, the options are endless for Seedling gifts! Prices range from $19.99 and up! Some cheaper options are available also!

And if you sign up for their newsletter, you get $10 off your purchase!

Magformers Magnetic Blocks

These are extremely popular this year, and pretty cool I might add. For $34.99, you can get a 30-piece set to create anything that you want. I think this would keep kids pretty entertained for a while. I know mine would love them!

There are multiple sets by multiple brands. Click here to view more!

Vtech Record & Learn Studio

Only $35 bucks for this awesome recording and learning, music studio. I purchased one of these for Brody a few years back, and he loves it. Literally every kid that comes over wants to play it.

Your child can make their own music, record it and take it with them. They may become your own personal DJ! Great for any age!

Light Stax Light Up Blocks

For the kids who like building things, these light up blocks are pretty cool. They can let their imaginations run wild and build anything they want.

These blocks have an easy on and off-switch base that runs on triple A batteries or a USB port. They could even use it as their very own nightlight! Only $33!

Razor FlashRider 360

Even you will want to ride one of these after watching the video. This is an awesome gift for an awesome price too! For $69, your kid will be riding in style this Christmas.

Spinning around in a full 360 and even sparking up the back of this cycling rider, the whole neighborhood will want one! Seriously, go watch the video. Bad ass! Why didn’t they make these when we were kids!?

The Ball Buddy Belly Bump

Kids will be bouncing off the walls with this toy. LITERALLY! I can see this being a bit dangerous, but it sure looks like fun! I know some adults (cough, cough Klay) who would give this a try!

This one is only $30, but there are different sizes and different brands to choose from.

Have you found any creative or unique toys or gifts for kids or family? If so, I want to hear! I’m always looking for great ideas!

Kid still at heart,