Whatevs. I’m late.

Yeah, I’m that blogger… that mom… that girl. It takes a lot for me to have my shit together nowadays.

Although Halloween may’ve passed, my time to share photos of my adorable kids in their costumes hasn’t.

Instead of writing out an entire post, I chose to VLOG (you’re welcome)…

In this VLOG, I share why I never posted photos of our kids last year, and a short clip of myself as a young trick-or-treater (woo hoo for you!), along with a long bitch-fest about the “Pinterest Pressure” mom’s feel to create a clever DIY costume. I can’t be the only mom who feels this way, right?

Once this time of year hits, it becomes a madhouse at our casa. The holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and parties seem never ending. Crossing my fingers for just good health this year!

And to think that I practice Tony Stark’s (Iron Man) ‘stache for Brody who decided not to do it for nothing…

Hope you all had a great Halloween and it was madness-free!