What up, what up, what up y’all?!?

Can you believe it? The new Life On Cass Lane is finally LIVE!

I’m so pumped to have finally gone LIVE with my newly-designed website.


So, I designed my new logo and site myself (which looking back on all of it—probably was a mistake since I took so long).

I honestly don’t know when the design process began, because I’ve had way too much Ambien since then. Pretty sure it was sometime around March and it’s now June so it’s been a long, long time.

I’d love to hear what you think! I’ve worked really hard on this (and spent a lot of nights up tim 2 am and money) and I’m extremely proud of the results.

I decided to create this updated design and add more features because I wanted to do more with my blog and wanted to make it easier for my readers to use.

My goal was to have a clean and clear (not the zit-cream) design that was not only user-friendly, but also packed with information, updated content, and made you want to sit, browse, read and chill. #yaaaasssss

I need you—my awesome editors–to keep an eye out for broken links and things that may not work properly. I’ve literally been a one-woman team on this thing, so there is bound to be mistakes/errors on pages somewhere around here. If you find one make sure to let me know! Holla at your girl, here or by #casschat on them social places on the internet.

There are some new features to my site as well. You may notice a “Cancer Sucks” section up in the nav bar with information about my cancer journey, along with some cancer facts and tips for cancer patients, and even places to help make a difference.

Of course, there will be more information added to the site as time goes along and I don’t hear some tiny voice hollering “Mom-ma!” in the distance.

More Things To Come:

  • The LCL Store (will sell LCL gear and other items)
  • Pages with tips and ideas for Caregivers (including posts from those caregivers who have devoted so much time to get me well)
  • Giveaways! And free stuff!
  • More VLOG’s with yours truly and surprising guests.
  • And so much more!

Ladies & Gents, Let’s Get Social!

Remember, you can always #casschat to chat with me directly with me or just shoot me one of those things called email.

Ok, so now that I have the new site up, don’t pee yourself, (and I know I’ve said this 100 times before) but I will be posting 3-4 times a week. Be ready for more, Cass!

I’ve also posted a new blog post called “I Have Serious Issues,” you should check out. The title may come as a bit of a surprise to you because I know I do seem incredibly sane. {That there was a joke, folks!) Ba-dum-tss.

I want to hear your thoughts! Hit me up and comment below!

And if you’re new or want to have a good look-sy around, you can always start here!

Keeping Things 100–as always,



  1. Brittney Roy Reply

    Congrats Cass! I love the new look of the blog, you did a great job. 🙂

    • Cassidy White Reply

      Thanks Britt! I’m so glad you like it. I worked really hard on it–for such a long, long time–so it’s nice to hear some good feedback!

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