About two weeks ago, my longtime BFF Stephanie–and now fellow blogger–invited me to an event hosted by ELLE 3D Crest for fashion bloggers and fashionistas.

Steph and I have been friends since we were wee lil’ babes (clearly I’ve been watching too much “Game of Thrones” and I’m saying this in my best british/irish accent), so I was excited to hang out with her and meet some new people.

But lezzzz be honest, I was really there for the free toothpaste!

3D Crest is my shizzz, ya’ll.

Stephanie’s blog —Signing Stephis an amazing fashion blog where she puts together new looks every week from sophisticated and work-chic to bold, casual and edgy. It’s fun because it’s always something different. Check out some of my personal faves hereherehere, and here.

It was hard for me to pick four looks, because she totally rocks ’em all. Go check ‘er out and I promise you’ll be inspired to change up your wardrobe too!

Since most of the bloggers at this event would be fashion-driven divas, I was mainly there to support Steph (and her blog) and be the wing-woman so she wouldn’t have to go stag. Plus, I’m a brave social butterfly who will go up and introduced myself to random strangers cause I like to talk.


But since I’m a blogger too, I was able to meet and pass out a few business cards myself. Yes, we have blog business cards to pass out! #ballastatus

Anyway, when I agreed to go, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I thought it’d be in a conference room mingling, eating food from a buffet and having awkward chit-chat with strangers at a table. I guess I was thinking more “conference.”

There was still awkward chit-chat, but it wasn’t in some boring banquet hall…

This was some Real Housewives of Some CITY type shit.

It was fancy, ya’ll.

I thought Lisa Vanderpump and Giggy might trot in at any moment.

We arrived at The Joule in downtown Dallas around 6:30 or so and valeted. The fellas who opened the car doors asked us if we were here for an event. We told them we were there for the ELLE/Crest shindig and they directed us to a guy who stood five feet away opening the hotel doors and then directed us to another guy who stood three feet away and told us to go with another guy who was five feet away who showed us into an elevator and directed us on where to go from there. Needless to say, there were literally five people who greeted us in 15 feet, for real–we immediately felt important.

We went upstairs and came out to a terrace with a few fashionable, model-looking women standing around with their cocktails in-hand talking away.

The room the terrace was connected to was made of solid walls of glass, and inside, the room was doused with white modern, leather furniture and clear barstools. It was beautiful and some definitely the most glamorous party I’ve ever been too.

There were REAL white flowers on tables. I told Steph, “you know it’s fancy when there are real flowers on every table!”

I love this picture of us. #realhousewivesmoment

It was still daylight outside so the room was extra white, which I suppose was what they were going for since it was 3D Crest and everyone was supposed to be showing off their pearly whites.

People walked around serving hors d’oeuvres and handing us free drinks (that part I’m not complaining about). But I was starving and those damn hors d’oeuvres were not going to cut it. I didn’t want dime-sized crab cakes or lemon cakes. And, we were supposed to be networking so I didn’t want to walk around like a fool with crab-cake bits stuck in my teeth cause I have the kind of teeth that ALWAYS gets food stuck in them (and it’s always the front teeth). I guess I could have swiped some 3D Crest and brushed them in the restroom, but ain’t nobody got time for that.

I decided to forego the food. It wouldn’t have made a dent in my hunger anyway. I wanted actual-sized people food, not food for Thumbel-friggin’-lina.

SO you know that awkward moment when you walk in somewhere and you know no one and everyone looks up at you? Yeah, we had that awkward moment. There were about 20 people or so there already, but not enough where we could make an entrance without everyone staring.

We were immediately asked if we wanted to take some photos in their photo booth and we went for it–being one of the first people to take them. Secretly, I wanted to go ahead and do it because as soon I start drinking my makeup tends to disappear, mysteriously melting off my face like I’m the wicked witch of the west.

I’m melting, I’m melting. 

Elle Crest Event Dallas The Joule

Here are the posts by Signing Steph that inspired my look (kimonoarmy greenlace up shoes).

So, I had trouble deciding what to wear. I went shopping earlier that day and went with an army green top, an aztec print kimono, black skinny jeans and wedges. I liked the look, and I was inspired by some of Stephanie’s past looks on Signing Steph so I went bold. And totally found some look alike shoes Steph rocks from time to time on her page. See her version here.

Red Lips Gone BadCourtney Kerr ELLE 3D Crest

So we mixed and we mingled and walked up to complete strangers to strike up convo. I was thanking sweet little eight-pound baby Jesus, they served alcohol. And, these were especially yummy. It was called “Pineapple Twist” and was the bomb dot com.

After talking to some more bloggers, we decided to call it a night. My feet were hating me and I needed to take off those shoes. And, they were wedges! My feet were made for flip flops only.

As we left we decided to snap a few more pics before we ended the night.

ELLE 3D Crest event DallasRed Lips Gone Bad

I’m doing the one-leg-in-the-air thing, because, let’s face it, I just really wanted some free toothpaste! Forget the fashion, the hors d’oeuvres and the drinks–OK, maybe not the drinks–all I care about is the free toothpaste and whitening kit. My teeth are gonna


Since you really can’t tell how beautiful the soiree was from our iPhone pics, check out some professional pics here. You can also read what Steph thought about the night (and thinks of me) here.

Overall we had a great night and made some new blogger-friends!

Check out a few of the people we met:

Caroline Covets

THE style barn

Style Junkeyz 

Ashes into Fashion

BEL affair

So I wanna know…

How do you feel about a red lip? Can you rock it? Does it bring out your smile?



  1. Brittney Roy Reply

    3D Crest is my shizzz as well. Lol Your posts never fail to make me laugh.

  2. Cassidy White Reply

    Thanks, Britt! We our toothpaste soul sistas! I'm so glad you're reading. And, even more ecstatic you commented! 🙂 I should be seeing you next week!

  3. LOVE the red lips on you! You can really pull it off! Looks like ya'll had a great time!

  4. Klay White Reply

    Haha. Doesn't sound to me like the "lip reader" knew what she was talking about. I mean your obviously not OCD. Lol. Another great blog!

    ps……. "where are me dragons!"

  5. Cassidy White Reply

    Thanks, Kaytie! Glad you commented! I don't know about the red lips. But I'm glad I got some red-lip support!

  6. Cassidy White Reply

    LOL. Babe, that just tells me that you agree with her on the "Pants" thing. Thanks for the comment love. I'm glad I have someone I can share my "Games of Thrones" obsession with, my sun and stars. 😉

  7. Stephanie Ryan Reply

    You literally made me laugh out loud, multiple times. Loved it! Had so much fun with you!

  8. Tamra Gannon Reply

    Cass- People at my job probably think I'm NUTS! I sat in my office on afternoon break, read this blog and literally laughed out loud (LOUDLY). Thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. Cassidy White Reply

    Me too! I had a blast! I'm glad I managed to make this funny. LOL, but can't wait for more!

  10. Cassidy White Reply

    Thanks, Tamra!! That means so much. I was excited to see you commented! I haven't talked to you in forever!!!

  11. Shandra Scott Reply

    I am a total fan of colored lips, here lately, like it's a must. You can totally rock it, don't be afraid too!! 🙂

  12. Cassidy White Reply

    Thanks, Shandra! I tried. I don't know if I'm brave enough to do it again. Maybe not so bright next time!

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